Dramatically Increase Your Internet Profits

Internet Profits

Internet profits, there are many ways to move them to the next level and you will need to put in some work. If you follow the seven steps listed below you will find that increased internet profits are within your grasp.


Publish e-zine

1. Publish an e-zine, otherwise known as a news-letter. If you send your subscribers an informative and interesting email once or twice a week, this will help to build rapport and increase trust within the community of your potential customers. This will help with the process of selling your or affiliate’s products. However, it is important not to over do the sale pitch in the early stages of the relationship.

Get Testimonials

2. Get as many testimonials as you can and publish them. Seek your customer’s permission first. Testimonials are a very powerful way of increasing trust and will often help some-one who is doubtful about your product to make up their mind and buy. Use the customer’s own words and don’t be tempted to alter them. A short video message from a satisfied customer is very powerful and will increase credibility many many times. In short testimonials can and will give your business greater credibility and increase the competitive edge.

Write Articles to Help Your Internet Profits

3. Article writing is a good way of becoming known as an expert in your field. You should aim to produce one or two on a monthly basis. The articles should be original, ie your own work, never submit un-edited PLR as the better directories will reject this sort of article and may even terminate your membership. The advantage of article writing is that you are allowed to insert a resource box which can include a link to your web site. The more links that you have will increase traffic and improve your search engine optimation (SEO). AS you become better known you will find that your articles may be used on many other web sites, thus increasing your traffic many times. Remember that more traffic will increase your SEO and will increase your sales.


4. If you are advertising either on line, pay per click, or off line, direct mail or publications, it is important to track the effectiveness of your adverts. Run split tests to find the best headlines and content, remove any ads that dont produce results. If you are using Adwords, or other pay per click on-line advertising, check which keywords are working for you and use key word research programs to find the most searched for words and phrases. Frequently check what your competitors are doing.


5. It is extremely important to offer a no quibble money back guarantee on your product. This could be 30 or 60 days. The reason for this is for new customers to build trust and confidence in you and your product. They will be more inclined to buy if they know that there is no risk attached to their purchase. It will also help to establish that you are not a fly by night merchant

Affiliate Program

6. Set up an affilate program and promote this as much as possible. Provide generous commissions and tools such as ready written emails and sales letters. If you do this make sure that you have in place affiliate tracking software so that you can monitor their performance and make sure that correct and timely payments are made to them. If you have down-loadable products think of using Clickbank or commission junction.

Joint Ventures Will Increase Internet Profits

7. Set up joint venture projects where-ever possible. Find out who are leaders in your particular field, approach them with a request to set up a joint venture where you provide the product for them to sell to their lists. It is advantageous to send them a copy of your product so that they can evaluate it and decide if they would want to promote it to their list.In this case it is usual to offer a 50/50 split of the profits or occasionally 60/40. If you are successful in this you will find that your profitablity is greatly increased as your product will be promoted to thousands of people.