Working From Home

Ideas on Working From Home

A lot of people in the developed economies want to be working from home. They are considering the prospect of starting either a full time or part-time Internet Home-Based Business.

The Global Business Opportunities the internet offers an entrepreneur today, were unimaginable ten years ago and the smart people are jumping on to the bandwagon
Present day employment uncertainties combined with the stress of commuting long distances to to the workplace plus the desire to have more time with the family leads to an impulse to start a business working from home.

1) Get that Special Feeling: –
Firstly if you want to succeed you need to develop the belief that you can and will succeed. Imagine that special feeling of being  a successful working from home entrepreneur. This will help towards your motivation and self belief. If you believe that you can succeed then you will. Study successful internet entrepeneurs and use them as role models.

2) Prepare a Business Plan: –

As with any activity in your life you will need a plan, which need not be complicated or complex, but should be a priority. Set out your long term goals and then break these down into short term goals. This will help you to produce a step by step “to do” list.  Be focussed on working through this list and review your progress on a daily basis while working from home.

3) Choose a Product: –

Having your own product can be very profitable. However, creating that product can be difficult, time consuming and with no guarantee of selling. If you choose a physical product, which can be sold on Amazon, Ebay or other auction sites, you will need to find a reliable low cost supplier. Electronic products such as ebooks can be very profitable and can be distributed automatically at virtually no cost. Think about Amazon Kindle and/or clickbank for this. You can create this kind of product yourself but I think that a better idea is to join an affiliate program and earn commissions from promoting other peoples offers.
Success will come if you can find something that is in demand by “a hungry crowd” normally called a niche market.

4) Website, Domain Name and Web Hosting: –

The showcase for your home based internet business is the web-site. This should be well designed so that it loads quickly and can hold the interest of your prospective customers. Fancy bells and whistles, loved by web designers, should be avoided. Don’t  have unusual hard to read fonts or distracting backgrounds. Set out your message clearly and have well defined instructions on how to purchase your product. As site design can be complex and requires a detailed knowledge of HTML and other languages it is probably best to hire a web designer. If this is the case a clear specification should be produced.
The domain name should relate to the business and your product. It should be easy to remenber and to type. This and the site itself should be key-word rich so that search engines will rank the site highly.
To put the site on the internet you will need to purchase the services of a hosting company such as GoDaddy or 123reg.

5) Stick to your full-time Job: –

You will be making a grave mistake by leaving your job before your business generates an income equal to that provided by your Job. Of course, if you have substantial savings this advice will not apply.

6) Be Passionate and Educate Yourself: –

Successful people are passionate about whatever they do. So if you want to succeed with your home based business you need to be focussed on your goals and dedicated to making progress.
Your goal is success so motivate yourself to this end, failure is not an option.
Technological developments can happen very quickly where the internet is concerned. So it is vital for your continued success in this area of business that you keep up with them. Being knowledgable in this area will help in that you will be seen as an expert in the field of internet marketing. In addition you may even be able to use this expertise to create “how to” types of products

7) Promote your Internet Home-Based Business: –

So now you have a product and a well written sales letter on your web site but things don’t stop there, you need people to notice your site. In short you need traffic and lots of it. There are basically two types of traffic, the pay per click (PPC) model and the free or organic type. In the PPC type you place adverts with search engines (Google) who then display them with the results of relevant searches. If clicked on you will pay a fee. This can be very expensive and not result in sales. Organic traffic is generated by having a high ranking in the search engines (Page 1) which is achieved by search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website. SEO is a multi-stranded approach which will be the suject of a later article.

Following the above steps, with dedication and perseverance, will enable you to climb up the ladder of success and reach your goal of successfully working from home.

If you need information and tips on working from home

I can reccommend Andrew Reynold’s book Copy This Idea